Re: Root path

Tomas Duewiger (
19 Jan 1999 19:12:39 +0100

Bruce Richardson <> writes:

> Although I do as much work as possible as a user, I do occasionaly use X
> as root.  I notice that (on my set-up, at least - RH 5.1, AS 1.6.6)
> /usr/local/bin is not added to the path when I startx as root.  Is this a
> security feature?

Don't know if this is because of security, I don't see a reason. I only
think that there are usually no programs in /usr/local/ that are of
interest for root (sbin is far more interesting ;-)) If you would use 'su' 
/usr/local/ would be included in your PATH. 


Tomas Duewiger