RE: Root path

Bruce Richardson (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 20:49:49 -0000

David Mihm:
>!I notice that (on my set-up, at least - RH 5.1, AS 1.6.6)
>! /usr/local/bin is not added to the path when I startx as root.  Is this 
>! security feature?
>	I would guess so.  A quick solution if you don't wish to add the
>path would be to supply the full path in the ~/.xinitrc file.

That's for executing AfterStep itself (I put the full path in my .Xclients, 
which I posted here last week).  It was when I compiled a few _as-apps_ and 
they popped up in user accounts but not for root that I realised 
/usr/local/bin wasn't on roots path.  It must be AfterStep that places 
/usr/local/bin in the path when I start X as a user - I have NOTHING else 
in there on this machine.  It must therefor be AfterStep that omits it as 

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