Re: asmail 0.50

Michal Vitecek (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 05:02:58 +0100

 if u're using newer versions of pine (above 3.96), here's your problem.
 it stores one more mail in the mailbox for its settings etc. thus making
 most of the check-mail-programs pretty unusable. however, i think that in
 newer 4.xx versions this imo stupid behaviour can be turned off (or
 compiled out).

Kirk Bauer wrote:
>I tried to send this to the author listed in the man page,
>but the email bounced.
>I was wondering if anybody else has reported these problems, but
>ever since I have upgraded to Red Hat Linux 5.2, the asmail 0.50
>that comes with it almost always reports that I have new mail,
>even though I many times do not.  
>I have tried both settings of the TimeStampMode option...
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