Re: as apps popularity evaluation

Albert Dorofeev
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:40:22 +0100 (CET)


First of all, ppl, does anyone run one of the following:
	asexec doing something interesting
I would like to ask if anyone has some of these applications
to send me a screenshot of the part of the Wharf with that

Thadeu Penna writes:
> I forgot one important point: the low popularity of asexec is IMHO because
> of the unclear description of the apps. I know what asexec is for.
> I was already subscribed this list when Ethan announced it, but
> what the heck is a "state machine"? And the so called "transition states"
> ?  The great appeal "It can be anything you want" is lost in this
> description. Say, "it can update your xmodmap", "you can create an
> animation here", "It can turn your X-10 on/off",  is it much more
> appealling, eh? 

Well, I have a problem here. Can you send me the _working_
configuration files for all these uses? I would like to add
the examples of asexec config files to the package to show
how these things are done.

Any more suggestions on improving the descriptions of
asexec or anything else?

Oh, yeah, and what is X-10?


Albert Dorofeev
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