LILO - off topic sorry

jack wallen (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 06:12:45 -0500

hello folks,

here's my situation.  i bought a new hard drive to use in conjunction
with my old drive.  my goal was to have linux (red had 5.2 w/afterstep)
on the new drive (as master) and win95 on the old drive (as slave). 
well, when i first installed it there were problems in that i couldn't
get the old drive recognized.  well, i then decided that i was just
going to live with linux and wait until i could figure this problem out
and then i'd get 95 back.  well, i got the old drive recognized in the
bios now but at boot LILO only recognized the new linux drive.  i'm sure
all i have to do is re-install LILO but i'm not quit sure how this is

one other bit of info.  on the old drive (the slave with win95) is a
small linux partition that i was using when i was first learning linux.
so that could put another wrench in the works.

is there a way to reconfigure LILO without damaging anything?  LILO is
currently set on the mbr of the master drive.

thank you very kindly for your help.  

oh, i suppose i should throw an AFTERSTEP question in here for good
measure.  ;-)  i am working on a desktop theme of my own. (i'm new so
don't hurt me).  i've managed to do a few things but what i want to do
now is create images that will be used for title bars.  this is possible
correct?  what file are this configurations located?

thanks again for all your help!
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