Re: Compiling ascp-0.9.4, help?

Nwanua Elumeze (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:29:52 -0700 (MST)

>>  Hmm.  I checked my copies of gtk+-1.1.2 and 1.1.3, and 
>>  gtk_ctree_set_reorderable was a function.  I checked the gtk+ I downloaded 
>>  from gnome CVS yesterday, and it was a #define macro in gtkcompat.h:
>>  #define gtk_ctree_set_reorderable(t,r) \
>>          gtk_clist_set_reorderable((GtkCList*) (t),(r))
>>  Maybe the version you have doesn't have either the function or the macro?

I would suggest that you add the define line to ascp.h (just yourself) until 
you resolve the real issue of not having the function or macro in your version
(save you more time than dl and compiling gtk+  :-)