Re: ps in *term from Wharf .. how pls?

Tomas Duewiger (
22 Jan 1999 08:20:41 +0100

Dave LaMothe <> writes:

> I can launch a "top" from Wharf with: *Wharf top cpuchip.xpm Exec "-"
> aterm -tr -e top &
> But trying a similar thing with "ps": *Wharf ps Gear.xpm Exec "-" aterm
> -tr -e ps au & results in the aterm popping open for a split second then
> closing. I've tried ps without the switch (ps doesn't use a leading dash
> for switches although I tried it with a dash also.) I tried without the
> "&". I tried without the -tr. I tried rxvt. I tried .....
> I can, however, simply launch an aterm, do a "ps au", and there it is.
> Any clues?  Thanks, Dave.

The aterm simply close itself because there is no process in it anymore. 
Quick and dirty would be to pipe the output from ps to less, because less
will wait for an input. Like:

aterm -e sh -c "ps au | less" &


Tomas Duewiger