Crashing Wharf

Alex Harford (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 01:01:23 -0800 (PST)

I've got an interesting little bug I think I've found.  I'm not too sure
how I post a bug, but here goes: (If anyone needs more information, let me

1) AS1.6.6 with ICCCM feel and transparent theme
2) Slackware 3.5 libc5
3) Kernel 2.2.0-final

How I cause the crash:
1)Left click, bring up start menu.  This has to be done so that it comes
up on top of the Wharf.
2)Click on titlebar to make it a permanent window.  I'm not sure of the
proper term, but clicking on it makes it into a window with an X in the
corner to close it.
3)Click on the X to close the window, and viola!  Wharf disappears.

Wharf can be restarted in the modules folder, but I thought developers
should be aware of this.

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