RE: one more little thing..

Bruce Richardson (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 08:59:10 -0000

Dave Mihm wrote:
..ah ha, but it's the fact that you are observing it, which is
therefore influencing the outcome. :)  Did I mention I love reading about
Quantum theory. (:

I think Quantum mechanics need to modified to describe that class of 
phenomenon that refuses to happen in the presence of an IT person.  Every 
day, users report computer behaviour that refuses to happen when I'm in the 
room.  Yesterday one person kept on crashing her machine doing a simple 
procedure (booting up Windows! no, just a joke (nearly)) but I got her to 
repeat the process 5 times without a hitch.  I go out of the room and boom! 
 Call it the Unrepeatability principle or something.