Re: Making window shades sticky?

Michal Vitecek (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 10:56:36 +0100

Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>The original code for "shade", as I recall from the old docs, worked by
>fooling the window manager into believing that the shaded app was
>iconified.  As a result, the shaded apps and the iconified apps ought to
>(have) behave(d) the same way under the same condition: if "StickyIcons"
>is on, then icons and shades ought to follow you around; if not, then not.
>Now, the bug was that shades did not follow the StickyIcon definition:
>even if the StickyIcon was "on", shades followed the "current desktop"
>rather than the "original shaded desktop".

   the property of the shaded window is still changed to IconicState. u can
 see that when u restart AS, all shaded windows are iconified. this is a
 known bug, but hasn't been fixed yet.
   the shaded windows followed one only because there was bug in AS. i think
 that option "StickyIcons" shouldn't hold for shaded windows and possibly new
 option "StickyShadedWindows" or similar should be created so ppl won't
 have to make each shaded window sticky.

    ideas? comments?


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