Re: Crashing Wharf

Michal Vitecek (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 10:43:46 +0100

 this bug has been fixed by Ethan in 1.7.0 patch no. 12, either get AS
 1.7.25 or bug Ethan enough times to make him make the patch for 1.6.x as
 well :)

Alex Harford wrote:
>I've got an interesting little bug I think I've found.  I'm not too sure
>how I post a bug, but here goes: (If anyone needs more information, let me
>1) AS1.6.6 with ICCCM feel and transparent theme
>2) Slackware 3.5 libc5
>3) Kernel 2.2.0-final
>How I cause the crash:
>1)Left click, bring up start menu.  This has to be done so that it comes
>up on top of the Wharf.
>2)Click on titlebar to make it a permanent window.  I'm not sure of the
>proper term, but clicking on it makes it into a window with an X in the
>corner to close it.
>3)Click on the X to close the window, and viola!  Wharf disappears.
>Wharf can be restarted in the modules folder, but I thought developers
>should be aware of this.
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