Re: ps in *term from Wharf .. how pls?

Geoff Wing (
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 01:32:22 +1100

From: "Benjamin J. Tracy" <>
:I believe that the problem is that when you use the -e argument for any
:term, the lifespan of the terminal is the same as the lifespan of the
:program that you are running.  Since ps immediately quits after printing
:out some process info, the aterm quits as well.  
:As for how to do what you're trying to do, I'm not sure.

The quick and dirty way is:

% whateverterm -e sh -c 'ps au; read foobar'

And whateverterm will quit when you press return in it.

:On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Dave LaMothe wrote:
:> I've cleared the way for an AS config weekend and this is the first in what may
:> be a lengthy series of nagging *post RTFM* questions. Many thanks in advance.
:> With a "locally" compiled 1.6.6 on RedHat 5.2, intel:
:> I can launch a "top" from Wharf with:
:> *Wharf top cpuchip.xpm Exec "-" aterm -tr -e top &
:> But trying a similar thing with "ps":
:> *Wharf ps Gear.xpm Exec "-" aterm -tr -e ps au &
:> results in the aterm popping open for a split second then closing. I've tried
:> ps without the switch (ps doesn't use a leading dash for switches although I
:> tried it with a dash also.) I tried without the "&". I tried without the -tr. I
:> tried rxvt. I tried .....
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