Re: RedHat 5.2 Q: do I need to load apmd to run asapm?

Albert Dorofeev
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 22:23:00 +0100 (CET)

Mitchell Gil Maltenfort writes:
> I know my RedHat 5.2 distribution has an advanced power management daemon
> (apmd)I plan to install on my laptop when I get home tonight.
> I also have the tarball for the asapm2.4.  Where I'm confused is whether I
> should - or can - install both.  SInce I like afterstep, I want to install
> the AS monitor. In fact, I plan to spend this evening (all goes well)
> installing the apmd and installing/configuring the ascp control panel and
> the asapm.  
> However, I'm not certain which of three scenarios holds:

None, actually :) The APM support is compiled into the kernel.
You have to reconfigure the Linux kernel and enable the APM
support under "character devices". You typically should
enable everything except "Ignore user suspend". Once you
configured, recompiled and installed the new kernel it will 
create the device /proc/apm that reports the APM status. This 
report is read and displayed by asapm. This does not interfere
with the APM daemon (apmd) at all.

I hope I did not screw up on this one...

Albert Dorofeev
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