Re: Die X11 Die DIe Die !!!

Kevin Chu (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 20:59:29 -0800

Doug wrote:

> SLackware 3.6
> NEtscape 4.07
> Afterstep 1.6.6
> in netscape, go to a url, ex., drag the url down to a personal
> toolbar folder, and while still holding wit the left mouse button, press
> the right mouse button also, netscape will freeze, afterstep will freeze,
> netscape will popup with some weird error, and you need to puch the power
> button.
> die die die !

Can you get to another virtual console (ctrl+alt+f2, f3, ..., f6)?  If
so you could log in and selectively kill things.

Pressing the power switch is a bad thing to do.


Kevin Chu