Re: Afterstep 1.6.6 problems

Anders Henriksson (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 13:17:12 +0100

> On 24 Jan, Anders Henriksson wrote:
> > Hej all.
> > 
> > After running as1.5 something for a while I finally decided to upgrade to 
> > 1.6.6.
> > The problem is that it fails to start. I have afterstep started from my 
> > .xinitrc but when running startx my screen blins once and throws me back to 
> > the prompt with the following message.
> > 
> > afterstep: error in loading shared libraries
> > : undefined symbol: __register_frame_info
> > 
>  What is happening here is: you download a binary version of AfterStep
>  that was compiled using a different version of either libc or C
>  compiler (gcc,egcs,etc..). Try to install it compiling AS from the
>  sources. 

Oups, sorry. I forgot to mention that this is exactly what I did. I downloaded the 1.6.6 source tarball from the download page yesterday.

I use egcs but that should work (?) I also moved all the old stuff away before installning so that should not be the problem.

How can it not find a library that it obviously found two minutes earlier during compilation?

I did upgrade a few libraries recently could that be a problem? Could this hae anything to do with linpng which the configure script does not find despite the fact that it is there and png support is turned off in the options to configure?

Any ideas?

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