Re: 1.6.6: Restart moves all wins to desk #0

Albert Dorofeev
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 10:14:55 +0100 (CET)

Jan Sacharuk writes:
> On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Randall Hopper wrote:
> @>If I have windows on desks 0,1,and 2 and Restart afterstep,  the windows on
> @>desks 1 and 2 are moved to desk 0.  
> @>
> @>I believe this bug has appeared since v1.4.5.0.
> If it helps any (it probably doesn't), I haven't noticed this bug in
> 1.6.0. And while I was building the looks and feels to something
> usable out of the Default drek, I was restarting every 5 or 6 minutes.

I do not usually use multiple desktops, I prefer one big,
but on this occasion I checked and, indeed, when the AS is reloaded
	Restart " " afterstep
all windows from other desktops move to the desktop #0


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