Re: Crashing Wharf

Andre Oliveira da Costa (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:21:38 -0200

David Mihm wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Andre Oliveira da Costa wrote:
> ! Ethan wrote:
> ! [...]
> ! > This bug is fixed in 1.6.6 patch 04.
> !
> ! Where can I find the 1.6.6p4 sources? The AS homepage only has links to
> ! sources up to patchlevel 3. Besides, I need the tarballs, not RPMs.
>         Patch 4 is in the patches/ dir within the stable/ dir where the
> tarball was/is.  You can d/l the patches and apply them to the 1.6.6 tree
> as explained in the README ( gzi p-cd patch_name | patch -p1 ).  If no
> more patches are submitted within the next few days, a new stable release
> will be pkg'd.  This will have the latest 4 patches and be called 1.6.10
> (1.6.6 + 0.0.4 fyi).

Mmhh... so, there's a "patches" dir... sorry for overlooking that, I
should have also gone to the FTP site instead of just sticking to the
WWW site. (but, I guess it wouldn't hurt to have at least a note about
where to get the patches in the download page in One
more question: if a 1.6.10 is released, will it be identical to
v1.6.6p4? I mean, if I apply the patches, do I still need to download
version 1.6.10?


Sure did. Thank you vey much.

Andre Oliveira da Costa