Menu sort order discrepancies.

P.J. Bolle (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:02:45 -0700 (MST)

	I've been trying to mess with this for two versions (1.5b4 and
1.6.6), and have not yet had any success...

	I've got my look file in AS 1.6.6 set to order my menus
alphabetically, but discrepancies seem to be occurring randomly. For
example, I have a series of menu items that are all in the proper
order, save one beginning with the letter "U", which for some odd
reason, appears between "B" and "C" in the list.

	Normally, I would make this go away by adding numbers &
underscores, as the FAQ suggests, but as this is an ever-changing
menu, having to re-order the entire thing every time I want to add
something is impractical. I checked a few other submenus I have to see
if this was a singular phenomenon, but apparently it isn't. Seems to
happen every so often, but I can't see any correlating facts to
suggest what the culprit is.

	On only one occasion, I "solved" the problem by removing all
items from a submenu (the backgrounds, actually), updating the start
menu, replacing them all, and re-updating. It worked that one time,
and never again...

	I do hope there's a solution, in that for large/changing
menus, it really is cumbersome to have to re-order things with the
numeric ("1_", etc.) prefixes...

	The preliminaries: Read the FAQ, scanned example look files
that come with the distribution, currently using AS 1.6.6...

	Any help is, as usual, very much appreciated.


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