Afterstep 1.6.6 problems - solution hack

Anders Henriksson (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 14:27:35 +0100

Hej All.

I have (with some help) solved the problem, at least temporary untill I can 
figure out why it was a problem in the first place. 1.6.6 is now up and 
running compiled with egcs.

The problem turned out that afterstep, Wharf and Pager was missing 2 
identifiers: __register_frame_info and __deregister_frame_info
Thus these programs halted when these identifiers where not found in the 
shared libraries.

As a temporary fix I put together a file register_frame_info.c containing the 
two stubbs:

void __register_frame_info( void ){}
void __deregister_frame_info( void ){}

I the added register_frame_info.o to the for afterstep, Wharf and 
Pager and copied the register_frame_info.c file to their respective source 
directories. configured and compiled as usual and it worked:)

I still do not have any clue to what these functions really do but if it is 
important I am bound to find out eventually. Does anybody know?

Maybe I will upgrade X and see if the problem goes away but X3.3.2 isn't that 
old, is it?

Thak you all for your help.


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