Bug in Maximize function for AS 1.7.29

Doug Alcorn (alcornd@earthlink.net)
27 Jan 1999 11:02:54 -0500

I can't get the maximize function to work in AS 1.7.29.  Actually, it
does work, just not correctly.  Dave and I experimented with this and
got the same behaviour on both of our machines.

Here's the deal; in the feel file I have this binding:

Mouse 3		T		A		Maximize 0 95

When I use the right mouse button on the titlebar, I should get the
window "made tall" (no adjustment to the horizontal width, verticle
size changed to 95% of the screen height).  What I get is in effect
"Maximize 95 95" (both horizontal and verticle sizes are adjusted).
You can play with the numbers, but it never quite works as advertised
if the horizontal and verticle scaling factors are not the same.

Also, my understanding is the Maximize should not modify the
coordinate if the scaling factor is 0 ('Maximize 0 95' should not
change the x coordinate of the window).  The current implementation of 
Maximize _does_ change the x coordinate (possibly because it is also
changing the horizontal scale?).

I would track this down myself, but my new job has me pretty swamped.
I hope to get back to working on AS in another week or so.
 (__)  Doug Alcorn
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