Re: aterm/eterm/any transparent capable term

Doug Alcorn (
27 Jan 1999 12:24:16 -0500

Stimpy <> writes:

> I saw some screen shots that seemed to do this but I later found out
> that the poster used an identical background for the term and then
> positioned the window to seem that the background was showing through
> the term window.  This may not be possible yet.  Dont quote me on it
> though.  If your trying to get this effect, the enlightenment win
> manager maybe able to do this.
> Good luck.  8)

This information was true about 6 months ago.  There has been a lot of 
work in this area.  Eterm/aterm/wterm all do a pseudo-transparency.
This means that the X server has a property set that stores the
background image.  When you open a pseudo-trans window, it checks this 
property and sets its background accordingly.  The difference between
this and real transparency is significant, but the pseudo works really 

As far as HP-UX goes, you should be able to get either aterm/eterm to
compile.  We can certainly field questions on aterm in this list;
Eterm would be better served elsewhere.

However, I concur with the other followup: what compile time errors
are you getting?


 (__)  Doug Alcorn
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