Re: AfterStep & RH

Andrew Sullivan (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 14:27:57 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, tsunari wrote:

> The only thing I could think of is perhaps the
> location of the afterstep file (/usr/local/bin) is not in the path- and
> I dont know how to modify that.  For the time being I just simply put
> the path into my .xinitrc and it worked.

Yep, that's it.  This has actually turned into a minor battle about the
location of AS, with (I think) the consensus being that it's not going to
move, not even for the RPMs.  I'll make several remarks about this in the
next version of the FAQ, though.  (I'm in the midst of something else
right now, though, so it'll have to wait, because it means a great lot of

You can adjust your path statement in your .profile (or other such file,
depending on which shell you're using).  Try doing 'ls -f' in your home
directory, and look at all the "dotfiles" (the ones with a '.' at the
beginning).  One of these should be .profile or .bash_profile (if you're
using bash) or .cshrc (if you're using csh or tcsh).  You could, of
course, be using a different shell than these tow, but I doubt as much if
you're using a default.  Edit the relevant file, and add a reference to
the /usr/local/bin directory to the path statement.

> #2) After Un-installing everything from the previous AS that came w/ RH,
> once I was in AS1.6.6 I went to the appearance settings and did refresh
> all- and *POOF* almost all of my stuff on the start menu were gone! i.e.
> xiterm, switch, shutdown- stuff like that. Is there any way to get back
> to a fairly standard default that I could then modify?! Any help is
> greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you still have wmconfig being used somehow.  Check the section
on configuration in the FAQ.

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