Vidar Hoel (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 08:55:12 +0100


I have been a satisfied user of AfterStep since a pre-release of AfterStep 1.0 I am now running AS 1.6.6 with Gnome, and now I am not that satisfied anymore. And why is that?

First off all, I am not a programmer. Nor am I a Makefile guru, so when I get a new AfterStep, I compile it using the installscript, and when it's done, I edit the autoexec and remove everything. I only run AfterStep with a startmenu (leftmouse), windowlisting (on the rightmouse), and some F*-keys for shotcuts, a pager and of course, Alt+Tab Windows-type-of-window-switching. But, then I also run Gnome! It contains a start-menu, backgrounds, themes (GTK+), screensaver, pager and some more cool stuff!

So my idea is to make a new Window Manger, a little sister of AfterStep. Lets call her AfterGnome. 
She got:
* No pager (Gnome has it)
* No background (Gnome has it)
* No wharf
* No startmenu (Gnome)
* No WinList
* No sound
* No apps (Gnome has plenty)
* Window-listing on right-mouse on root-window (as today)
* Fancy windowbars with the buttons (as today)
* The menus on those buttons (like kill, minimize, maximize) (as today)
* Keybord shortcuts (as today)
* The Windows-like-Alt+Tab-type-of-window-switching (I really like it, can we make it better??)

She is:
* Gnome compilant
* Fast
* Small
* Good-looking!

But since I arn't a programmer, I can't make her. So, anybody else wants?? Or is it just me who want her?

Vidar Hoel