Re: AfterGnome???

Doug Alcorn (
28 Jan 1999 09:17:39 -0500

"Vidar Hoel" <> writes:

> She got:
> * No pager (Gnome has it)
module, don't start it.
> * No background (Gnome has it)
pager sets background, don't start pager.
> * No wharf
module, don't start it.
> * No startmenu (Gnome)
admittedly, this is tied to AS itself.  From a user interface point of 
view, you could simply empty out all the entries in ~/G/L/A/start.
> * No WinList
module, don't start it.
> * No sound
module, don't start it.
> * No apps (Gnome has plenty)
definitely seperate from AS, don't run them
> * Window-listing on right-mouse on root-window (as today)
> * Fancy windowbars with the buttons (as today)
> * The menus on those buttons (like kill, minimize, maximize) (as today)
> * Keybord shortcuts (as today)
> * The Windows-like-Alt+Tab-type-of-window-switching (I really like it, can we make it better??)
> She is:
> * Gnome compilant
Ah, here's the rub.  The Gnome complience specifications for window
managers is very immature.  Raster himself said that he only published 
them cause he was made to by his employer (Red Hat).  Many things in
the spec simply don't apply to non-Enlightenment window managers.
IMHO, Gnome complience is a worthy goal, but a ways off.

> * Fast
> * Small
> * Good-looking!

About all the AS modules.  There is hardly any code at all (if any) in 
AS itself to really support the modules.  Really, there is just some
hooks for starting and stoping modules.  So, if you removed all the
modules from AS, you wouldn't buy any performance gains.  For your
purposes, I recommend simply editing your ~/G/L/A/autoexec and
removing the modules you don't want.  Spliting AS seems a Bad Idea,


 (__)  Doug Alcorn
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