Re: How do you configure window actions?

Doug Alcorn (
28 Jan 1999 09:22:02 -0500

"Ramon G. Ricca" <> writes:

> Hello,
> I've learned how to customize my wharf and pager,  but I couldn't find 
> any material on configuring the window actions.  I limited my pager to 
> only one virtual screen,  and would like to remove the 'move to page 1 2 
> or 3' action.  I am running version Thanks for any help!

Look in your ~/g/l/a/feels/feel.<my_feel> file.  You can edit that to
your heart's content: key bindings, mouse bindings, and general AS

I have found that after the wharf config, the feel config
is probably the biggest part of customizing AS.  The looks get a lot
of press, but you can change those pretty easy now with themes.  Its
the feel that really controls how you work in AS.


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