Re: colormapping

Julie O'Donnell (jod@Rational.Com)
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 10:53:41 -0500

HP's predecessor to CDE

hmm your right that i have 8 bpp.
but I have not /etc/X11/X<anything>Config....
my xdyinfo says i can support 16 but has chosen 8 for the root
window depth. so looks like i should be able to change it

i will dig for a config file, but if anyone has any suggestions
on where it might be....

thanks for the help

:Could it be that your are running different bit depths in AS and VUE
:(btw, what is VUE?).  You can check your bit depth in X by using
:`xdpyinfo | grep depths'.  You should get a line like:
:  depths (1):    24
:where the last number on the line is usually your bit depth.  My guess
:is that you are in 8 bpp.  If so, fix your X configuration
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