Re: A few questions

David Mihm (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 10:42:44 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Scorpion wrote:

! I've been using Window Maker alot lately, but I want to go back to
! AfterStep.  When I swallow alot of the WM apps like wmmon, wmppp, and
! wmitime, it cuts of some of it.  Like its too big.  Is is possible to make
! it take up more of the square?

	The line would be '*Wharf Name - Swallow "wmapp" wmapp &'; If this
doesn't work, you should get v1.6.6 .  The W M apps have been given the
full 64x64 tile area since, the Swallow/MaxSwallow have done
some dancing around as to which one actually swallows as you'd expect.
They are now set and fully explained in the man page for Wharf

! My other question is about Licq.  I like having it docked in the panel.
! Is it possible to do that with AfterStep?

	Panel? as in gnome panel - the gnome panel will work in AfterStep.
Or are you referring to the Dock of Window Maker?  I don't think the Dock
will work in AfterStep, and the Wharf won't swallow Licq - at least not
that I know of ... yet.

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