Re: colormapping

Tomas Duewiger (
29 Jan 1999 19:09:04 +0100

"Julie O'Donnell" <jod@Rational.Com> writes:


> the manual startx --16bpp attempts tell me i can only have 8bpp....
> if i run the HP native wm - and then an xcolormap all looks good - i can
> opens tons of apps with lots of colors....

I don't know HP but maybe the apps using a private colormap. AfterStep in
it's default configuration will take almost all the 256 colors at
startup. So there is no space left for other colors. You can test that if
you disable all the modules in autoexec (like wharf, winlist, all the ones 
that take colors). If it will run then you can use a setup with less
I got here a FreeBSD that runs with 8bpp and I can use the most apps, like 
Netscape, but it took me some time to run it with wharf, icons and stuff.


Tomas Duewiger