Re: Help?

Tomas Duewiger (
29 Jan 1999 19:11:59 +0100

Giuseppe Pittavini <> writes:

> Hello; I am using AfterStep 1.6.6-3 with RedHat 5.2.  After I exit from
> AS, I always find this message on the terminal:
> X Error of failed request: BadDrawable (invalid pixmap or window
> parameter) major opcode of failed request : 62 (X-CopyArea) Resource id in
> failed request : 0x1400010 Serial number of failed request : 173 current
> serial number in output stream : 176
> How can i fix this

That's no error, at least no serious one. This happens IIRC for example if 
you destroy a window. When you exit AS and X all windows will be
destroyed, so you will get some of that messages.


Tomas Duewiger