Re: AS 1.6.6 / Netscape bug?

Daniele Falvo (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 19:53:11 +0100

Graeme Bunyan wrote:
> Netscape goes a bit funny if it doesn't start up iconic - although I pass
> the geometry settings to it, the window appears offset down and to the
> right.  If it starts iconic, it appears at +0+0 as normal when it's
> un-iconified, which is why I don't just remove that parameter.

Communicator - Navigator, Messenger, Bookmark etc. - keeps memory of
window's size and position. So try to force just the position adding to
your .Xdefaults the line

netscape-communicator*geometry: +10+25

do not give size parameters, otherwise even a 'download' dialog will
appear that size.

Daniele Falvo