Uhg- Yet another problem

Matthew S. Anderson (tsunari@bellsouth.net)
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 21:42:35 -0600

Tis I again. I just Wiped my entire Hd so let me get to the point.
I reinstalled Rh 5.2 AND got the latest kernel.
I then installed AS 1.6.6 and here's what happened.
*I uncompressed the archive to /usr/src and configured it from there
logged in as root- if that has anything to do with this*
1) Logged in as root: on starting X, I get the error "exec: afterstep:
not found"
2)Logged in as a user: I get into one of the other window managers that
comes with RH and if I try to switch to AS, I get the error that some
files/directories may be missing or incomplete.
3)Logged in as a user AND su to root: AS works fine.

Any Ideas? Thanks in advance. If it's something that I did in installing
it- please let me know :-P

-Greatly appreciative


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