Re: Uhg- Yet another problem

David Mihm (
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 23:16:52 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Matthew S. Anderson wrote:

! Tis I again. I just Wiped my entire Hd so let me get to the point.
! I reinstalled Rh 5.2 AND got the latest kernel.
! I then installed AS 1.6.6 and here's what happened.
! *I uncompressed the archive to /usr/src and configured it from there
! logged in as root- if that has anything to do with this*
! 1) Logged in as root: on starting X, I get the error "exec: afterstep:
! not found"

	Okay, lets step back and think about this one.  You installed it
correctly (assuming) and it says "..afterstep not found", so then one must
do a find, which explicitly looks for the binary; then a which, which uses
the users' path to see if it's "seen" this way.  With the which command,
you would notice that the /usr/local/bin is *not* in root's default PATH.

! 2)Logged in as a user: I get into one of the other window managers that
! comes with RH and if I try to switch to AS, I get the error that some
! files/directories may be missing or incomplete.

	A more precise error report would make it easier to tell what's
happening here.

! 3)Logged in as a user AND su to root: AS works fine.

	Typically, but not always, the /usr/local/bin path is in the
USER's PATH, so without the - option to su, you retain the curret PATH,
and not that of root.

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