(Feature Idea) Failed Menu Command Dialog

Randall Hopper (aa8vb@pagesz.net)
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 22:05:17 -0500

     There are lots off good utils hanging off the default menus, but most
systems don't have half of them by default, or may call them something else
(netscape, netscape4, navigator, etc.).

     One thing that would be a good add to AfterStep is an X Dialog that
pops up when an Exec command fails.  For example something like the

            Command Failed:  "netscape4 -geometry +0+0"

     With something like this, 1) the user would see a failure dialog
rather than no-behavior, as if AfterStep ignored the user, and (more
importantly) 2) each user wouldn't have to go digging through user and
system-default config files trying to find what command AfterStep tried to
run and couldn't.  Not all users will know how to do the latter, and it's a
pain for those that do (particularly with the current
{HOME/X11}GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/*/* distributed configuration).



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