Re: Feel/Look menus disappearing

Randall Hopper (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 07:32:39 -0500

Randall Hopper:
 |If I add a "Browsers" entry to the start menu and select "Update
 |startmenu", it rebuilds the menu with Browsers, but the Look/Feel entries
 |disappear from the Desktop menu.  Then if I nuke non-configurable/* and
 |restart AfterStep, the Look/Feel entries come back but the new "Browsers"
 |entry is missing.

Taking closer inventory, other options are missing from the Desktop menu as
well.  Here is the complete list:


And also, I notice that:

     X earth
     X fishtank
     X snow

are desensitized (they are sensitized if I nuke non-configurable/* and
restart afterstep).  Why should this be?  There are no absolute pathnames
in these files (?)

(I like the new tear-off root menus BTW.  Very intuitive and useful.)

Randall Hopper