Re: (Feature Idea) Failed Menu Command Dialog

Randall Hopper (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 08:02:01 -0500
 |On  4 Jan, Randall Hopper wrote:
 |>      One thing that would be a good add to AfterStep is an X Dialog that
 |> pops up when an Exec command fails.  For example something like the
 |> following:
 |>             Command Failed:  "netscape4 -geometry +0+0"
 | Ctrl-Alt-F<virtual terminal # that you launched X from> logs stderr
 | messages.

That is probably the case on FreeBSD or Linux with XFree86, but of course
not on other boxes like my SGI here at work.  Stock X boxes like this are
set up with xdm where there is no text console you can switch to.

 | messages. If something seems not to be working, that's what I look at
 | first. I also have an entry on my startmenu that launches an xterm
 | with a script that is basically:
 |  tail /var/log/messages

Oh, so afterstep uses syslog.  That's good to know.  So I'd guess
/dev/console output depends on the setting of syslog.conf.  

Thanks for the syslog tip.  That will be useful in the absense of an
Afterstep error dialog.  (A dialog would sure be nice though.)

Randall Hopper