Re: loss of focus with only one window open

Jeff Jadwin (
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 15:52:52 +0000

"Benjamin J. Tracy" wrote:

> Jeff-
> Pardon me if this is a silly question.. How are you starting an xterm if
> you have no windows open?  Are you starting it from wharf, or a menu or
> what?
> Ben

That's actually a very good question Ben, I should have clarified.  I start
it from wharf.  Also, when I say that no other applications are running, I
mean nothing on the WinList.  Pager is running, wharf is running with several
Swallowed applications, WinList is running but isn't visible until I start
the first application which opens it's own window on the desktop, which is
when the annoying loss of focus occurs.


> On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Jeff Jadwin wrote:
> > This may not classify as a bug, but it can be downright annoying
> > sometimes.  I first experienced it with AS that I was using with
> > my RedHat 5.1 system.  I recently upgraded to 1.6.6 using the rpm, and
> > it is still occuring.  It may even be an X thing, I'm really not sure.
> > What happens is that when I start an app without any others running, the
> > window quickly loses focus.  I can start an xterm, and if I'm quick I
> > can type 2 or 3 charcters before it loses focus.  Then I have to click
> > on it to regain the focus (I use ClickToFocus in my feel) and everything
> > is ok.  As long as I have at least one window open already, it doesn't
> > happen, but if I close out all windows then start one, it quickly loses
> > the focus.  Has anyone else experienced this behavior?
> >
> >         Jeff