Re: [WM] aterm-0.2.0-1

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 01 Jan 1999 22:11:59 -0600

Response to Mr. Largo accusations.

To all of you who is in the flame wars here, is my answer on all
this dumb
accusations. Read it, if you want, explain it to your friends,
and please
stop bothering me with that. I don't have any free time at hand,
as I noticed 
Mr. Largo has. I work full 50 hours a week, I have a family to
take care of, and
that leaves me with very little time to contribute into Open
Source development.
>From that time I actively contribute in to AfterStep user
support, AfterStep window
manager development and now development of aterm. I have a TODO
list of several pages,
and every keystroke I waste on this, takes one keystroke from
the code I write.
I'd like to also mention here that #afterstep IRC channel is for
user support only - 
and flooding it with flame war messages, helps Mr. Gates & Co a
lot in their World
domination achievement.

Now here is my answer to all of mr. Largo accusations:

1. I did not remove any copyright notice, nor modified license
of original 
code. I even added some credits to Alfredo Kojima where it was
none before.
If developer chose not to mention his name  - that's his choice.
As long as GPL concerned there were no breaches whatsoever.

2. aterm is not just about pseudo transparency and NeXT
scrollbars, but is about
integration with AfterStep, which integration would be in place
already, if I would not
have to waste time on this letter.

3. quite some time was spent on fixing little bits and pieces
after Alfredo,
working on the tinting code, fixing usage and documentation and
messing with
configure and makefiles. That makes aterm quite a modification
even thou it looks 
similar for inexperienced eyes of Mr. Largo. ( set aside that it
works differently :)

4. We are here not for Glory, but for better software. FRESHMEAT
announcements are not 
glorification of something, but merely a means to let ppl know
about new products.
Besides FRESHMEAT announcement standard, do not have any place
to put the full list
of developers contributed in to the product - which list will be
very big in case of
aterm. There are more appropriate places for doing so - man
pages, source code and 

5. Announcement has been made as the result of many requests
from users I received.

6. ChangeLog was always in doc/ directory. I've started new
ChangeLog due to
old one being GNU non-complient.

7. aterm's man page gets installed on "make install" command, so
everyone can type
"man aterm", and see whom we have to thank for wonderful NeXT
scrollbars and 

8.  I'd like to say here that Alfedo Kojima is very good
developer, I respect him very
much, and I'd like to thank him for many good stuff he wrote. If
he'd like his name
mentioned in any other appropriate places of aterm distribution
- he is always welcome
to submit patch along with comments.

9. Alfredo Kojima never contacted me so far about this matter,
which makes me think
that this is nothing else then Flame War started by Window Maker
rxvt developers reaction on aterm was rather positive.

That's all

If any principle of Open Source Software has been violated in
aterm, I'd be happy to 
hear from knowledgeable ppl, and consider all changes requested.

Any other correspondence about this matter will be directed to
/dev/null  without any
response, ppl flooding #afterstep with flames will be banned
forever, and devil will
take sender's soul *grin*.


Largo wrote:
> a little better on the description....
> but this is still a blatant ripoff of wterm-3 and wterm-4 with zinx's
> patches for tinting etc.
> this is the most mention I've seen at all accrediting Alfredo for what
> basically almost all his coding work. The post on freshmeat for this makes
> no mention of wterm or alfredo and makes it sound like sasha coded it all
> himself from the rxvt 2.4.8 sources! and even the docs have been moved into
> the doc/ dir so that the main ChangeLog files has no mention of Alfredo or
> wterm.
> this stinks! I think there should be a hell of a lot more mention of the
> fact that sasha ripped off everyone elses code and tried to make it look
> like he did all the work.
> something smells like microsoft here....
> some facts, the next scroller and transparency effects are alfredos, as is
> the code for independance from any particular bg setter etc... the tint
> code is almost identical to zinxs patch. and aterm is based off of wterm-3
> with patches, NOT off rxvt-2.4.8.   just a coincidence? I think not! :P
> let's give some credit here where credit is due.
> don't take my word for it. look for yourself.
> </RANT>
>  for wterm-4.tar.* with the tint and
> transparent scoller trough patches.
> http://wm.curren.tnu/files/wterm-*  for wterm-3 and the patches and wterm-4.
>  for the
> wterm 3 original source.
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>            --  L   A   R   G   O  --
>            - -
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