Re: Anybody else working with MkLinux or LinuxPPC? (mouse probs)

Mark Lawrence (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 10:32:19 -0600

Jonathan D. Nolen writes:
 > I've spent all day playing with AfterStep 1.6 on my 7200/90 running 
 > MkLinux DR3. I've gotten most everything working expect for one
 > fairly critical bug.
 > I'm using an Apple standard mouse, which, of course, has only one button.
 > Now, according to the MkLinux docs, you're suppose to emulate the missing
 > mouse buttons with the option key. 
 > However, anytime you press the option key, it results in an immediate
 > fatal crash -- completely dumps you out of X.
 > Has anybody else gotten this working?

It's been a while since I used MkLinux (it was DR2), but I do remember
having the problem you describe. It was an MkLinux problem, not
associated with any particular window manager, and it had to do with
the type of keyboard I was using. Somewhere in the online MkLinux info
(probably in a FAQ), there is a note regarding which keyboards work
with MkLinux.

Hope this helps.
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