Re: 1.6.6: Pager dogs window mgr down badly

Randall Hopper (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 12:41:58 -0500

David Mihm:
 |On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Randall Hopper wrote:
 |! Randall Hopper:
 |!  |Now it works better with the entries in the Default "Pictures" menu.
 |! However, I notice that I can't set a new root picture using the entries in
 |! the "Pictures" menu unless Pager is running.  The root just doesn't change.
 |! This seems like a bug.
 |	The Pager is what handles the root bg images if selecting them
 |from the menu.  This is how it works for the default settings.
 |	If you don't use the Pager, then you need to go about creating a
 |different method for setting the root bg image.  This could be
 |accomplished my modifying all the fles in the backgrounds/ dir to actually
 |invoke you favorite image loader (e.g. xv, xli, etc) with the image as an

Ok.  So (just to make sure I understand) if a file in backgrounds/* looks
to AfterStep like an image (XPM, JPEG, etc.) then it implicitly invokes the
Pager-internal set-root.  Otherwise, if it looks like a command ("Exec
...") it tries an explicit command set-root.  Is this right?

Thanks for the reply.

Randall Hopper