Re: Wharf geometry problem

Albert Dorofeev
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 15:28:02 +0100 (CET) writes:
> "A button bar will appear perpendicular to your Wharf bar and
> toward the center of the screen."
> This is from the man page but my folders appear parallel to Wharf. My
> Wharf is horizontal and the folders appear horizontal also. I would like
> for the folders  to appear vertical. Here is an excerpt from my wharf
> file:
> #*WharfRows             1
> *WharfColumns           8
> *WharfGeometry          -0+0

This means you request a vertical Wharf with 8 columns.

I propose you start using:

*WharfRows              1
#*WharfColumns           8
*WharfGeometry          -0+0

Which will mean you ask for a horizontal Wharf with one row.

The other dimension is taken care of automagically :)


Albert Dorofeev
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