AfterStep vs. Window Maker

Fri, 12 Feb 1999 15:07:46 +0100


I'm new to AfterStep (as well as to Window Maker) and have not installed it up to now.
My questions:

.) Is the AfterStep dock compareable to the Window Maker one (DnD to dock apps...)?
   If no: where are the differences?

.) Do the Window Maker docable apps run with AfterStep and vice versa?

.) I saw this cool make-a-menu-to-a-window function at Window Maker 
   (let the pop-up menu be permanently on the desk like a window). Has AS this
   functionality? If not: is it planned to integrate it?

.) Is there a WM-like 'clip' in AS or something compareable?

.) How to make a desktop like in Windblows (application- and data-icons on the desk, 
   folders and subfolders, DnD at least within desktop...

.) Which wm, AS or WM would you prefer? (I know a silly question at a AS-mailing list...)

.) What is the best development environment for AS? Is there somthing compareable to 
   KDE? (specific libs for common look and feel and or session management, multiligual...).

.) your comments to WM vs. AS
[much place to write somthing really usefull]

thanks a lot. I hope the questions/comments here are usefull for other AS-newbies too.

p.S. I have many more questions about development. Just a few:

Is there a kind of style guide for AS compliant apps? Is there at least something like a AS complient app? What widget set it used to ensure it? Is the NextStep lookalike (and feelalike) a goal of AS-apps? Are there AS-ified apps already? ...

You know what I mean. KDE and Gnome try to generate a common LnF by supporting style guides and libraries to the developers, but I found nothing equivalent with AS. I think to make your Linux Box NextStep like it is not enough to just replace the window manager. More like this the applications itself have to be NextStep-like.

Btw: I heard of a GNU-projekt which tries to reimplement the NextStep developing env. Do you know when this will be 'finished' (I know nothing is ever finished with GNU)? Will the apps developed with it be 'AS-compliant?'...

O.k. enough of this. 

thanks a lot - robert.

p.S. is there a AS-developer mailing list? (I do not mean a list for AfterStep window manager developer, but for developer for applications run best under AS)?

I'd like to know what have to be done to make a App 'dockable'.
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