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> Hello!
> Ok, I'll try to keep down my temper on this one ...

> KAPELLER Robert - CRP writes:
> > I'm new to AfterStep (as well as to Window Maker) and have not installed it up to now.
> I guess a lot of questions could be answered by simply doing
> exactly that. You should install both and compare for yourself.
O.k - I'll do it.

> > .) Is the AfterStep dock compareable to the Window Maker one (DnD to dock apps...)?
> >    If no: where are the differences?
> I do not know how WM Dock works really, except that it swallows icons
> (AFAIK) while AS Wharf swallows uniconified windows.
> WM Dock can swallow things that you run and then drag to the Dock 
> while in AS you have to write a config file specifying what you want
> to be there.
> > .) Do the Window Maker docable apps run with AfterStep and vice versa?
> WM applets run with AS and can be swallowed in the Wharf. Many AS 
> applets can be used in WM Dock but they have to be written in a
> special way.
> > .) I saw this cool make-a-menu-to-a-window function at Window Maker 
> >    (let the pop-up menu be permanently on the desk like a window). Has AS this
> >    functionality? If not: is it planned to integrate it?
> Yes, it does.
> > .) Is there a WM-like 'clip' in AS or something compareable?
> Sorry, I have no idea what the 'clip' is...
Th clip is something like a dock (Wharf) per desktop. On each desk you can attach the apps you like, so it's possible to make i.e a net-desk (having netscape, mail,ppp... on the clip), one development desk (having emacs, debugger) ...
It's also responsible for switching virtual desktops. 

> > .) How to make a desktop like in Windblows (application- and data-icons on the desk, 
> >    folders and subfolders, DnD at least within desktop...
> If you like Win, you should try out fvwm95 which simulates the Win look
> and feel. Wharf supports multiple folders and subfolders in AS.
> Dnd is generally an issue of the applications. If two applications
> support Dnd, you can drag something between them. Dnd is not a
> window manager issue.
For a windows user it's hard to see, that a wm is just an application you can exchange by another. I'm no W95 fan, I just like a real desktop with folders ... on it (look at KDE screenshots as well).
Btw. fvwm95 is ugly.

> > .) Which wm, AS or WM would you prefer? (I know a silly question at a AS-mailing list...)
> Good that you know :) Well, actually I tried to work under WM
> for a while but after a few days I gave it up. It felt to me
> like going back to Win (sorry, WM ppl) so I came back running :)
> That was in the early days of WM though, maybe now it improved
> beyond comprehension.
> > .) What is the best development environment for AS? Is there somthing compareable to 
> >    KDE? (specific libs for common look and feel and or session management, multiligual...).
> No idea. I guess there ain't one.
> > Is there a kind of style guide for AS compliant apps? Is there at least something like a AS complient app? What widget set it used to ensure it? Is the NextStep lookalike (and feelalike) a goal of AS-apps? Are there AS-ified apps already? ...
> I guess this is going to be my next project for the next week-end
> then. I will write a "style guide" for what I like to see in the
> applets :) You see, I can tell you what I like personally but this
> maybe completely different from what you like. There are no real
> requirements except that the application must be functional, bug-free,
> extensively tested, consume very little memory and CPU, and be
> an example of contemporary art. Besides that - you are free to choose :)
> I personally prefer if you do not use widgets and write everything
> in plain Xlib... 
Funny, really. But you miss the point. You obviously like the NextStep lookalike otherwise you would not use AfterStep. So why not extend it to applications? 

> > You know what I mean. KDE and Gnome try to generate a common LnF by supporting style guides and libraries to the developers, but I found nothing equivalent with AS. I think to make your Linux Box NextStep like it is not enough to just replace the window manager. More like this the applications itself have to be NextStep-like.
> Ppl may disagree with me but I will tell you anyway: I like the
> configurability of AS a lot. I consider the look of it (however cool)
> the second reason for my choice.
The configurability of AS would be the same. Just the apps would have common LnF.

> > p.S. is there a AS-developer mailing list? (I do not mean a list for AfterStep window manager developer, but for developer for applications run best under AS)?
> > I'd like to know what have to be done to make a App 'dockable'.
> There is no mailing list for the application development. All resources
> you can find at You can mail me with specific questions
> about the applet development. There is nothing "special" to do though.
> Have a look at other applications and you'll see that besides the fancy
> tricks nothing more than setting the window name is required.
> That is for AS. Making things dockable in WM requires a bit more but
> it is also very simple and can be cut-n-pasted from other apps.
> Cheers!
> Albert
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