RE: AfterStep vs. Window Maker

Armando L. Caro Jr. (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:22:28 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, KAPELLER Robert - CRP wrote:

> Funny, really. But you miss the point. You obviously like the NextStep
> lookalike otherwise you would not use AfterStep. So why not extend it to
> applications?

I think YOU missed the point. Having a set of guidelines (the way you
mean) applies to desktop environments like KDE and GNOME, but not to
window managers.  Window managers allow you to configure your window
environment in terms of look and feel, but they do not require that apps
be compliant with any wm rules.  Apps (other than KDE and to some extent
GNOME) should be fine under any wm.  So back to your point about
NextStep... If you like that look-n-feel, then AS allows you to configure
your setup that way.  ...But you don't have to. 

> You know what I mean. KDE and Gnome try to generate a common LnF by
> supporting style guides and libraries to the developers, but I found
> nothing equivalent with AS. I think to make your Linux Box NextStep like
> it is not enough to just replace the window manager. More like this the
> applications itself have to be NextStep-like.

See comment above.  What you may be asking for is NextStep-like desktop
environment?  I don't know much about GNOME, but it is suppose to be more
configurable than KDE... so maybe it can be configured to feel like

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