Mon, 1 Feb 1999 17:06:46 GMT

>From: Patrick Hyland <pbh@iafrica.com>
>To: afterstep@linuxcenter.com
>I feel like a bity of an idiot after deleting the update portion of
>the start menu in my attempt to create one simple menu without any levels.
>I am not able to update the start menu now through afterstep as the update
>option no longer exists. I have restored all the default start files to
>my home directory, but of course, afterstep is not commiting them.

Drastic solution: rm -fr ~/GNUstep
    This destroys all your settings, but AfterStep will rebuild a default
    set-up next time it starts.

Less drastic solution: delete or rename the directory ~/G/L/A/start, 
                       delete the file ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/startmenu
                       start AfterStep

Changing the start tree is only the first part of updating a menu, you then
have to "update menu" to write these changes to the startmenu file, which is
what AfterStep actually uses.  Deleting the startmenu file forces an update.

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