Re: AfterStep vs. Window Maker

Albert Dorofeev
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 18:54:03 +0100 (CET)

KAPELLER Robert - CRP writes:
> > Ok, I'll try to keep down my temper on this one ...
> > 
> why?

I am afraid of starting an old AS vs. WM flaming war :)

> Th clip is something like a dock (Wharf) per desktop. On each desk you can attach the apps you like, so it's possible to make i.e a net-desk (having netscape, mail,ppp... on the clip), one development desk (having emacs, debugger) ...
> It's also responsible for switching virtual desktops. 

In AS we do not have a 'clip'. The Pager is responsible for displaying
the view of the desktops. The switching of the desktops is done by
the AS itself or through the Pager.

It is not possible to have different Wharfs on different desktops.
Personally, I think there is no need for this function but then,
again, I may be wrong.

> > > Is there a kind of style guide for AS compliant apps? Is there at least something like a AS complient app? What widget set it used to ensure it? Is the NextStep lookalike (and feelalike) a goal of AS-apps? Are there AS-ified apps already? ...
> > 
> > I guess this is going to be my next project for the next week-end
> > then. I will write a "style guide" for what I like to see in the
> > applets :) You see, I can tell you what I like personally but this
> > maybe completely different from what you like. There are no real
> > requirements except that the application must be functional, bug-free,
> > extensively tested, consume very little memory and CPU, and be
> > an example of contemporary art. Besides that - you are free to choose :)
> > I personally prefer if you do not use widgets and write everything
> > in plain Xlib... 
> > 
> Funny, really. But you miss the point. You obviously like the NextStep lookalike otherwise you would not use AfterStep. So why not extend it to applications? 

Because people are free to develop whatever they like. If you like
the NeXT-alike applications - develop them. If somebody else likes
some other look - they develop it. AS does not restrict the look
of the applications it runs. To finish up the point, AS does not even
restrict itself to the NeXT-ish look. It can look many different 
ways. That's why I like it - it promotes diversity.


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