RE: DFM (WAS AfterStep vs. Window Maker)

Bruce Richardson (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 00:39:49 -0000

>There's a nice little program called "DFM" (Desktop File Manager) that's 
>nice for this...

Aye, I'm fond of it myself.  AS users should be aware that DFM blocks the 
ability to click on the desktop and get a menu.  You can disable clicking 
on the DFM desktop, but this loses you some of it's useful functions - I 
also found that clicking with button 2 on the desktop temporarily disabled 
the DFM-desktop-click, so that the next click (from any button) gives you 
the appropriate menu.  I don't know if that last behaviour is built in to 
DFM or an unlooked for byproduct of DFM and AS interacting.