Re: DFM (WAS AfterStep vs. Window Maker)

Brad (
Sat, 13 Feb 1999 21:10:54 -0500

Bruce Richardson wrote:
> >There's a nice little program called "DFM" (Desktop File Manager) that's
> very
> >nice for this...
> Aye, I'm fond of it myself.  AS users should be aware that DFM blocks the
> ability to click on the desktop and get a menu.  You can disable clicking
> on the DFM desktop, but this loses you some of it's useful functions - I
> also found that clicking with button 2 on the desktop temporarily disabled
> the DFM-desktop-click, so that the next click (from any button) gives you
> the appropriate menu.  I don't know if that last behaviour is built in to
> DFM or an unlooked for byproduct of DFM and AS interacting.

Actually, just turn off the "Desktop Context Menu" option under the "DFM for X"
menu, then you can use Afterstep root menus all you want...