Re: Pager question

Andrew Sullivan (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 15:42:44 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Adam M. Bodnar wrote:

> If I had 4 monitors, and each pointed to a different pane of my pager.
> Is it possible for each monitor to have a different background?

No.  Each "pane" is really just a part of the same screen, as far as the
program is concerned.  So there is no way to have the same desk have four
different images on it.

> if this isn't possible, is there any consideration to do add this in a
> future release?

No, because it's not technically possible, as I understand the desks.  
You _could_ create one honkin' huge bitmap which would stretch across all
four panes, but you'd take a real memory hit.

> Although, I could have the pager have more then one desk, it'd be
> preferable not to have it do that.


> I thought I remember seeing, but not sure. But is it possible to have the
> Pager in the Wharf?

Yes.  The Pager mini-FAQ (and, actually, the current full version of the
FAQ) has instructions for this.


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