Re: configure

Anders Henriksson (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 13:38:50 +0100

> OK..  I'm having some trouble installing AfterStep... =20
> The configure script can not detect X windows.   I've looked through the =
> script but as I'm only new to linux I really don't understand what is =
> going on the file.  So can someone tell me how it checks for X so that I =
> can work out what is going on.. =20
>   I've just installed S.u.S.E. so everything is pretty much been set up =
> as defaults...
>   Cheers..
> Mark

What happens if you run startx? On my box suse does not finnish the X 
configuration I had to do it myself. If startx does not start a 
window-mannager (puts up a nice graphical interface for you) then you probably 
need to configure X.

...but then this is all just a guess, I don't know if you already have X 

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