Re: AfterStep vs. Window Maker

Doug Alcorn (
15 Feb 1999 08:29:05 -0500

Andrew Sullivan <> writes:

> On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, Albert Dorofeev wrote:
> > It is not possible to have different Wharfs on different desktops.
> Actually, it occurs to me that it might be.
> One could design a MyWharf, and then in the databse file, set it as a
> "StartsOnDesk[n]".  Will this work?  I haven't tried (and don't really
> have a chance right now), but I can't think of a reason just now why not.

Yes, this works.  So, in response to the original question about
having a "net-desk" with a Wharf for email, netscape, irc, etc. and
then another desk for "work" with a Wharf for emacs, shells, etc. is

> Of course, you'd have to lose the "Sticky" designation as well for this to
> work.  And it would only work per desk, not per "pane" or "view" or
> whatever one likes to call it.

Actually, yes you could.  Sasha added the ViewPortX and ViewPortY to
start apps on a specific viewport.

Not really sure this is a good idea though.  Multiple Wharfs are
cool.  I have used them for years.  However, they do take up extra
memory and startup time.  There is a point of diminishing returns.

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